Crowdsourcing Wage Pledge


The point of this website is to let crowdsourcing requesters publicly commit to paying at least a certain wage level.

A requester can set different wage levels for different projects, and let collaborators administer their pledges.

For now, the website only supports pledges relating to tasks posted to Amazon Mechanical Turk. It may support other crowdsourcing platforms in the future.

If you are a requester and you would like to 'sign the pledge,' you can sign up here.

This website also lets workers inquire about issues they have had completing tasks posted by requesters who have signed the pledge.

The website operators will contact requesters about these inquiries, support them in meeting their target wages if they encounter difficulties, and endeavor to mediate disputes that may arise.

This website is a prototype. It will not be operated indefinitely. If there is significant interest in operating it indefinitely, we will seek institutional support.